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19y/o woman whose family refused blood transfusions for religious reasons died in hospital

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A young woman of 19 years in a village in Suceava, who suffered 5 November 1st railway accident and was hospitalized in Suceava County, died Thursday, given that could not be operated because her family from Jehovah’s Witnesses cult, has not agreed to blood transfusion.

Accidentul a avut loc în 5 noiembrie, în comuna suceveană Ciprian Porumbescu, după ce maşina în care se afla tânăra a rămas blocată pe calea ferată şi a fost lovită de locomotiva unui tren. În urma impactului, fata a fost rănită grav, având un traumatism cranio-cerebral, cu edem, fracturi costale care au afectat plămânul stâng, dar şi fracturi de femur la ambele picioare.

Pacienta a fost stabilizată, i-a fost indusă coma şi ar fi urmat să fie supusă unei intervenţii chirurgicale, dar aceasta nu s-a putut face întrucât era necesară transfuzia de sânge cu care familia tinerei, din cultul Martorii lui Iehova, nu a fost de acord.

The accident took place on November 5 in Suceava commune Porumbescu, after the car in which the young are stuck on rails and was struck by a train locomotive. Following impact, the girl was seriously injured with a head trauma, edema, rib fractures that affected the left lung, and femur fractures in both legs.

The patient was stabilized, he was induced coma and would have had to undergo surgery, but this could not be done because blood transfusion was necessary that the young family of Jehovah’s Witnesses cult, did not agree.

An arbitration panel analyzed the patient’s condition and try to talk to the family to persuade her to accept the job, but Thursday afternoon the young woman died, hospital sources said.

In this case, the Ombudsman proceeded ex officio to make an urgent investigation by the Territorial Office Suceava County Hospital “St. John the New “Suceava.

The investigation is considering possible infringement of Articles 22 and 34 of the Constitution concerning the right to life and to physical and mental integrity and the right to health, the release says, it believes that it would have met the mandatory provisions of Articles 15 and 17, par. 1 of Law no. 46/2003 regarding patient rights.

According to these articles, “if the patient requires emergency medical intervention, the consent of the legal representative is not required, and where health providers consider that intervention is in the interest of the patient and representative refuses to give consent The decision is the decline of an arbitration panel specialist “in accordance with the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union, Articles 2, 3 and 4 to the European Convention on Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms.


Sources in Suceava County Hospital management said that the family was not opposed to surgery, only blood transfusion, and that raises religious right to self Suceava doctors sought solutions, including legal, to be able to do the job.